Farm Animal Portraits - In Sanctuary

 In October, Flora Animalia was honored to host a true hero - Gene Baur - our dear friend & founder of the beloved Farm Sanctuary. Our studio was graced not only by him but with an exquisite collection of Fine Art & Photography titled, Farm Animal Portraits - in Sanctuary.
Each is a noble portrait that brings us closer to appreciating animals’ gentle grace and asks of us to consider & value their complex inner emotional life- their sentience. 
We were fortunate to have been able to access and curate selections from these visionary fine art photographers and graphite artist— each whose work has been featured in esteemed galleries and art publications.
In attendance was a passionate community of friends, artists, art collectors, teachers, interior designers, parents & kids — all in support and to collect pieces from these limited editions from which all proceeds benefit the vital work of Farm Sanctuary.  


Cross Stitch Workshop with Abra Bavnick

We are so excited to host our friend & expert Cross Stitch artist Abra Bavnick, who will lead our first Cross Stitch workshop. 

Cross Stitch is traditional global folkloric hand stitch technique that dates back several centuries and across many cultures and became popularized on Cotton Gingham in the 1930’s and onward.

A bit about Abra:

After working as a residential architect & designing modernist furniture, Abra moved into the field of graphic design. Working digitally, she came to miss textured and material art practice. She began experimenting with textile methods and mediums, combining sewing and embroidery skills from her youth with modernist education and diverse design experience. This lead her to the cross-stitch traditions of her Ukrainian and Mediterranean grandparents. She is now an independent textile artist at work on a series of elaborate narrative tapestries.  Cross-stitch, a global folk embroidery technique is detail-oriented, labor intensive, and rigorously Cartesian, much like architectural drawing. This technique allows her to seamlessly synthesize complex patterns, abstract forms, and representational elements. 

In Abra's personal work, she harnesses rich cultural references, tactile tools, alongside personal & social narratives, and has created an ambitious series of autobiographical and political tapestries that we will feature and will inspire your own  process during our workshop. All tools and materials will be provided.

February 19th, 2023 from 2-5 pm.  1517 North Gardner St. LA, CA 90046  


Create Your Own LOVE Bird House! 

Our friends, Fabian and Julie Kremkus, architect and designer - husband and wife, have an annual tradition of handmade Valentines. This year, they will share last year's gift and teach us how to make bird feeders/homes from upcycled yard trimmings out of bamboo from their garden. In preparation for the workshop, think about how you would like to configure the bird structure. Plan to come with a sketch, picture, photograph or just an idea in your mind. Anything to convey your thoughts and they will help you make them a reality. All tools and materials will be provided.

February 11, 2023 from 12-5 pm.  1517 North Gardner St. LA, CA 90046 



Join us for an immersive experience with our friends from J. Pera -a small batch hand-made fragrance studio - scent maker Jill Zachmann & designer Carlos Avila at our Gardner Street store. We invite you to build your own unique version of the Aromatic Oil, Jardin, through a selection of notes (Rose, Geranium, Apricot, Carnation, Hay and Adobe) to create a customized scent journey.

September 11, 2022 from 12-5 pm.  1517 North Gardner St. LA, CA 90046


We are so excited to present our virtual "In The Garden" fashion presentation in collaboration with and in support of our  beloved friends- Mercy For Animals. This  amazing organization exists to end one of the greatest causes of suffering on the planet; The exploitation of animals for food. Invitations will be going out October 13th for this fundraising event and it will be streamed on October 22nd. View the completed video on our journal page.  



An edible gardening event with Garde Shop in Summerland, CA. on Nov. 21st & 22nd. 


Celebrate Cherry Blossom season with an afternoon workshop of Japanese flower arrangement with acclaimed architect & Ikebana artist, Ravi Gunewardena. Ravi will demonstrate and guide you through the basic concepts of the subtle, yet complex nature of Japanese flower arrangement. Ravi Gunewardena of Escher Gunewardena Architecture,, has practiced and mastered the sublime art of Ikebana. We will supply all that is needed to create an Ikebana arrangement that will inspire you to see and appreciate plants, flowers and natural life in an entirely new form as the discipline of Ikebana embraces the ephemeral transition of living beauty and its inevitable decay. Sign-ups to go out mid February.
February 27th, 2021



Join us and our dear friend Ariana Morgenstern as she guides us through an afternoon of quilt making. By day she's KCRW's Executive Producer, Music Dept. But in her free time, Ariana is also an artisan. Her practice in the art of stitching evolved to hand crafting leather scraps into functional bags, and repurposes her own t-shirts and sweaters into exquisite quilts with a subtle narrative of her lifetime dedicated to independent music and art making. Learn how to craft quilts by up cycling your own t-shirts, blouses, tote bags and more. This workshop guides us to rethink beloved garments that no longer fit and breathe new life into them in order to keep them out of landfills. Ariana will guide you to transform these pieces in to works of functional art! April 17th, 2021. Sign-ups to go out April 5th.


Local community family recipes with plant based alternative protein. Learn to create delicious plant based meals with your favorite family recipes. Ingredients and instruction provided free to local community residents.
Bi Weekly To be announced


Discover the vibrant colors that exist in nature within your own backyard and from the fruits and vegetables in your kitchen! This workshop offers hands-on dying allowing you to transform your choice of cotton shirt, T-shirt, fabrics, or anything you can imagine! We will provide the dyes and facilitate the dye process. Weather permitting, this is an outdoor event!!
Bi Monthly to be announced 2023


This is a wonderful outdoor workshop for beginner gardeners, moms, dads and kids. We will provide the healthy soil, seedlings, planting containers, and the tools for you to learn to grow your own vegetables in your garden,  balcony or window box. Open to our local community and beyond.
Bi Weekly To be announced

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