Founder & Designer

Rozae Nichols is a veteran clothing designer, advocate of animal rights, for food justice and environmental protection organizations. She is a passionate vegan expressed by her regenerative organic urban garden and dedicated to community outreach.

Throughout the past three decades, Rozae has designed women’s clothing with an intimate, hands-on approach; from the inception of an idea, to crafting each individual sample garment, to final production. 

Born and raised in Southern California, Rozae grew up making her own clothing from a very early age. Self taught in pattern making & sewing, she embodied the ‘DIY’ ethos, deconstructing vintage, surplus and folkloric garments and textiles into new and relevant pieces.

She studied Industrial Design at the Art Center of Pasadena CA., and was soon designing packaging and applying graphics to textile applications for a denim company where she eventually became head designer. Her early designs combined her love of folkloric textiles with utilitarian workwear, which became Rozae’s visual aesthetic.

She began to incorporate this aesthetic with her idealism of socially conscious fair-trade labor, and her crusade of ultimate well-being grew as she questioned and challenged the exploitive conditions of garment labor. This would inspire her evolving ethical career path.

Hearing of Rozae’s design sensibilities, Surplus pioneer, Serge Bensimon invited Rozae to Paris to design and help launch the label and shop in the Marais - Auteur Du Monde / Bensimon, where she further explored and developed her methods of deconstructed, repurposed garments. The resulting new collections were immediately embraced by fashion editors and designer shops throughout Europe and Japan.  Fashion stylists and magazines pages featured the collection's utilitarian surplus pieces delightfully juxtaposed with exquisite garments from designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel.

From here, Rozae’s work evolved towards a more fluid, refined, soulful tone. Her vision expanded and she began to explore a more feminine, dress maker’s approach to design, emphasizing hand crafted details and innovative textiles with new bias circular seam and pattern cutting techniques.

Rozae’s new direction allowed for a closer and more creative working relationship with local factories where she dedicated much of her time inspiring the sewers and cutters while they harnessed their craft. For Rozae, this process and the relationship with the community became the very essence of her designs.

Committed to working exclusively with local factories in Los Angeles, in 1993, Rozae started her namesake company - here she championed all the skilled and talented people behind the scenes, without whom, the beauty and soul of her garments would not exist.    

Rozae’s brand became known for the intricate details of a craft she spent a lifetime honing.  Reaching international acclaim, her designs could be found at premiere retailers such as Selfridges, L’Eclaireur Paris, Barneys New York and more. Her designs attracted celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey, Helena Christensen, Beyoncé, Natalie Portman and Michelle Obama as well as renowned architects and artists such as Fransis Stark, Morleigh Steinberg, Alexandra Grant and countless other such independent, empowered women.


Creative Operations Manager

Aleta was born and raised in Taos New Mexico, rural in every sense. She spent her childhood years there where she, her, sister and their two loving parents lived in a community where living in a teepee, dirt roads and no running water was the norm. Their food was planted and grown on their land and animals ran free. 

Her career in fashion began in New Mexico at the age of 17. Several years later after leaving New Mexico, aligned with a sense of design and culture, inherent from her youth, Aleta relocated to Stockholm Sweden where she continued her career in both fashion and interior design. 

Aleta moved to Los Angeles in 2005 and began working with Italian artisanal brand, Henry Beguelin. This experience allowed her passion for design and art to cultivate further and extend into all areas of her life, where her roots of truly living off the land not only formed her sense of style, her compassion for animals, healthy living and her kind and professional work ethic; her overall way of life.  

Aleta’s organic and authentic way of life aligned closely with that of Rozae Nichols, so much so that as of 2018 Aleta joined Flora Animalia in Creative Operations.


Food & Garden Workshop Coordinator

Born and raised in Italy by her American and British parents,  Amber was nurtured by a creative and progressive family and cultural environment that inspired in her an early interest in food and sustainability. As a teenager she explored healthy plant based cooking and began writing a food blog sharing with others her recipes and ideas to live a more mindful and compassionate life.  

Just prior to university, Amber studied at Matthew Kenny's vegan culinary school and has completed Healing diets' courses. Amber graduated in Gastronomic Sciences from the Slow Food University in Italy and has gained invaluable knowledge in global food production and consumption from a wide variety of cultural points of view.  

Amber is very passionate about animal welfare and has spent years studying and writing on this crucial issue. She has spoken at sustainable food conferences on the problematic aspects of industrial animals farming and the needs to embrace more sustainable, local and global food systems.  

Eating plants is her motto and inspiring others to adopt a plant based diet, in tune with nature and our ecosystems is her lifelong goal. 

Amber is our Garden to Kitchen specialist and will lead our organic gardening and plant based cooking workshops.