Cowbell Self
Watering Plant Care Kit


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Cowbell takes the guesswork out of plant watering by letting plants drink on their own for over 2 weeks. Works best in soil-heavy potting mixes and plants in 6-8" planters. No over-watering! No root rot! No water waste!

Made from beautiful eco-luxury materials. 750ml. 


Cowbell is unlike any other self-watering product you've used before!

Cowbell's pressure-regulated reservoir and lid valve keeps water suspended in a precise vacuum which means water doesn't drip by itself.

Plant roots and soil draw water from Cowbell only as needed using natural biology and physics processes like root pressure, capillary action, cohesion tension and water diffusion.

Once the pressure inside the reservoir reaches a certain threshold, the lid valve automatically equalizes the pressure. This means your plant roots never have to work too hard to draw water from the reservoir, while also preventing Cowbell from dripping unnecessary water into your plant.

We recommend a container with at least 5 inches (12.5 cm) of soil height for stability.

  • One 750mL Cowbell will last at least 2 weeks for most pre-watered houseplants in 1-2 gallon (6"-8" diameter) containers.

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