Mina Wright Rescued Chicken Printed Graphite Drawing


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From our late October 2023 fundraising event at our Los Angeles studio, hosting the beloved Gene Bauer and Farm Sanctuary,  we were graced by an exquisite collection of art — introduced as Farm Animal Portraits- in Sanctuary. 
We were fortunate to have been able to access and curate selections from visionary graphite artist Mina Wright, whose work has been featured in esteemed galleries and art publications.
This rescued chicken printed graphite drawing by Mina Wright, is a noble portrait that brings us closer to appreciating an animal’s gentle grace and asks of us to consider & value their complex inner emotional life- their sentience. 

With these limited available portraits, we invite you to become part of the Farm Sanctuary community who stands with and for the animals, the environment and for a more just & compassionate food system for all. 

As Gene Bauer spoke of the devastating environmental impact and immeasurable suffering that farm animals endure hidden away behind 
the dark cold walls of factory farming, we also learned about Farm Sanctuary’s remarkable work to change hearts, minds  and affect meaningful laws & legislation for real life solutions to end this cruel and unsustainable system of oppression. 

From every portrait sold, 100% of the revenue goes directly to Farm Sanctuary.

To learn more and support Farm Sanctuary, please visit FarmSanctuary.org

Farm Sanctuary Portraits - In Sanctuary  

Limited Edition 1/100                                                                                                              Photo 11" x 14"                                                                                                                        Framed 13" x 17"

Artist Bio:  I’ve been an aspiring artist for as long as I can remember - an animal lover, too. The turmoil following the 2016 election insisted that I do something, however; sitting on the sidelines was no longer possible as cruelty dominated the headlines. I was confronted with the truth about animal agriculture that I could no longer ignore. Especially shocking was the separation of mothers and babies, a foundational premise of dairy production that I knew nothing about. I went vegan and have never looked back.

Soon after that, living as an ethical vegan didn’t seem enough; I felt compelled to do something more. I started volunteering weekly at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, and since then it has become an important part of my life. A year after I started volunteering, the idea of #portraitsofsanctuary began to percolate as I spent time with the animals. And then it became obvious: if we acknowledge that animals, like humans, possess unique personalities, it follows that they are worthy of portraiture. I like to believe the portraits have improved technically over the years, but am under no illusion that my work can compare with that of professional artists. The drawings aren’t supposed to be stand-alone pieces, anyway. Rather, they’re invitations to read the stories that accompany each one; woven into each is information I hope will inform and inspire. My intent is to offer a different perspective in the hope that people might rethink long-held assumptions, change their minds, and maybe even their behaviors, as I did. I was reluctant at first to put the portraits online, because I didn’t want to engage with trolls who amuse themselves by harassing vegans. But the profound suffering of animals everywhere calls upon all of us to be helpful, be brave, try harder; #portraitsofsanctuary is my answer to that call.





Flora Animalia supports Mercy for Animals.

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