A Garden Fashion Story

Directed, photographed and edited by Matt Mahurin. Choreography by Morleigh Steinberg and Jamie Burris. Music by Jacknife Lee. Flora Animalia Collection Design by Rozae Nichols. 

From Garden to Garment: the process of natural dyeing

Color in nature is intoxicating. For centuries, people have been inspired by nature’s colors and they developed ingenious methods to adopt color by using sources from the natural world.

How Gardens Heal Us

Have you ever noticed that after a few hours working in your garden, or simply wandering among trees, a field of wildflowers, near a lake, or an endless desert walk, you actually feel mentally and physically uplifted?  You are not imagining this refreshed state of mind. Cognitive scientist call this Horticultural Therapy.


A/Mending  A dance performance with Jamie Burris and Morleigh SteinbergSoundscape by Frally @ Oliver Kraus 10.26.19 and 10.27.19